Lyttos Mare Spa

Unwind and rejuvenate at Lyttos Mare Spa, which offers an immersive, holistic experience in an extraordinary setting where all senses awaken. Our luxurious 1500 m2 spa holds time at a standstill providing an oasis for relaxation and detoxifying the body, spirit and mind to achieve peace and tranquillity.

Our signature Lyttos Mare Spa body and face treatments pamper and rejuvenate from the inside out, many of them incorporating the element of water and its restorative purity. With an array of holistic offerings and treatments, Lyttos Mare Spa features state-of-the-art facilities such as luxurious spa cabins, a sauna, a steam bath and a traditional hammam to complement your wellness experience. Our spa specialists design only for you tailor-made spa treatments for the face and body, followed by a presentation of all our treatments, facilities and overall services.

Choose from a long list of unique therapies and special spa treatments for body, mind and spirit, such as the Cretan Massage, Anti-stress massages, Black Lava, Deep Tissue, Trace Mineral Detoxification, Bronzing Experience, Bright Face, Men’s Face, Calm Sea Relaxing, Ancient Greek Olympic Game massage and so many more. Kids also have their part in wellness, as some of the purest treatments, such as Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana spa therapies, await to add more fun to their experience.

Let the sound of the sea soothe you as our spa experts create a sense of well-being.




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