Tennis Lessons

The Lyttos  Tennis Academy prepares training programs that are adaptable to the needs, levels, and ages of all our guests.

If you require some individual coaching, then private lessons are the one for you!
Those private lessons are open to adults and children tennis players with personal, tailored coaching offered to learn or suit and improve the game.
The perfect setting to really improve technique and tactical play, our experienced top-tier coaches offer individual coaching in Lyttos Tennis Academy.

All of our lessons offer private – individual coaching with top-level coaches, with experience throughout the country and beyond.


Tennis court rental

  • Single use tennis court 15€/hour (10€/hour between 13:00-15:00)
  • From 15 July to 15 August 10€/hour all day
  • Court floodlight 5€/hour
  • Equipment rental 3-10€/hour per racket, including balls



Tennis lessons

  • Single private lesson (55 min.) 60€
  • Ten private lessons (10×55 min.) 550€
  • Children (6-10 years old) private lesson (45 min.) 55€
  • Ten children private lessons (10×45 min.) 500€
  • 2 Persons group lesson (55. min.) 70€
  • 3 Persons group lesson (55. min.) 80€
  • 4 Persons group lesson (55. min.) 90€



Padel rental

Court rental 20€/hour

Equipment rental 3€/hour per racket/pad including balls


Padel lessons

  • Private lesson (55 min.) 50€
  • 2 Persons group lesson (55 min.) 60€
  • 3 Persons group lesson (55 min.) 65€


All lessons are including the court and the necessary equipment

Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice are liable for payment in full.

For reservations and more info, please contact +30 2897502588 and