Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Dear Guest,

During season 2020, we implemented the Protocols authorized by the European community. We took discrete, yet thorough measures throughout our resorts incorporating safety policies, seamlessly combined with our distinctive authentic touches of Greek hospitality thus we were able to deliver on our promises of a Covid-safe environment. Last Year we welcomed thousands of guests to enjoy the safety and freedom to our all- covid tested environment & now we are ready again to offer a memorable holiday experience with total peace of mind. The vision of travel vacation and recreation in a sunny destination may land to S Resorts.

We welcome you to our Resort and wish you enjoy a wonderful, unforgettable holiday experience during S2021. We would like you to reassure you that we have made every effort humanly possible for you to be and feel safe in our hotel. Your health is our absolute and non-negotiable priority.


Before arrival:

Every guest must fill in the special PLF (Passenger Location Form) no later than 23:59 of the day before arriving in Greece. click on the following link:
Before departure, the traveler must ensure that he/she has some kind of certification of his health condition.

The alternatives for that are as follows:

• PCR test from a laboratory, maximum 72 hours before entry.
• Vaccination certificate issued by an appropriate authority.

All certificates must include the critical information in English and the full name must match with that of the passport or other travel document.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the key measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 being implemented at our hotel.

Our plan includes:

Compliance to the National Health & Safety protocols.
Management team for medical action plan.
Co-operation with medical center 24/7, close to the hotel.
Enhanced health & safety programs for all employees (Authorized Health First Certification in all aspects of health & safety).
Personal Protective Equipment to be worn by all employees throughout the Resort.
Available approved PCR or rapid tests in cooperation with a dedicated medical Centre. Please contact Reception to arrange an appointment (extra cost applies).


The Hotel’s telephone center number is +30 2897502500 (from your cell phone) or ‘‘0’’ (from your room’s telephone devise). Hotel’s telephone center is operating 24/7.


• All our staff-associates are thoroughly trained according to their duties. Please contact our Front Office for any queries you may have.
• Please allow them to keep social distance, use their personal work tools (face-mask and gloves) and not to shake hands.
• All staff should undergo a covid self-test weekly to guarantee everyone’s safety.

FRONT OFFICE – Reception

• Special protection plexiglass screen on the reception desk.
• Low occupancy operation, during the check in and check out procedures, ensuring proper distancing.
• Check out at 11:00, Check in at 15:00. Under these circumstances, please allow more time for deeper room cleaning before a new arrival.
• Hotel’s rooms are for customer-use only. No visitors are permitted.
• Elevators to be used by one person, families, or guests of one room at a time, while urging guests to use the stairs.
• Our club-cars are available to service you, please refrain from shaking hands.
• All contact surfaces on the club cars are disinfected between each transfer.
• Use the special tray for placing your room and towel cards, when checking out.
• We recommend the use of credit cards for all transactions.
• Visitors will have to keep 1.5 meter. distance between each other (except families or friends accommodated in the same room).
• Seating in all waiting areas has been re-arranged to allow for safe minimum distances.
• All contact surfaces by the Reception area are regularly disinfected.
• Invoices and receipts can be sent by e-mail.


• Particular care is taken to disinfect each bedroom.
• New covers for T.V and A/C telecontrols are used for every new arrival.
• Rooms are thoroughly disinfected with industry certified cleaning & disinfecting products.
• Room cleaning will take place only when guests are not in the room.
• Deeper and more thorough cleaning and room airing before every new guest arrival. This procedure includes the cleaning of the filters of the air conditioning.
• Special precautions are taken while changing the room linen, with very careful handling of the used items.
• Sanitization of door handles, surfaces, and buttons with special disinfectant on a regular basis.
• All used linen is separately (per room) packed in plastic bags. Then they are immediately moved to trolleys in an area outside the hotel.
• Sanitization sticker applied to each guest room upon completion of the cleaning process.
• All linen is delivered daily to the hotel from our outsourced contractor in safe packaging sorted per kind of item. Then it is carefully handled from our staff with one-use gloves.
• A frequent cleaning schedule is applied to all public areas.
• The cleaning process is recorded every time a service is performed.


• The kids’ club will operate on an open-air environment.
• Animation program available in a designated area by reception.
• Be aware for the social distances.


• Introduced more than one sitting in the dining areas. Please make your reservation before leaving after breakfast, at the Main Restaurant entrance (You may also make a reservation at each F& B department separately). Families with young children will be offered priority to the first sitting.
• Wait at the entrance to be seated
• Please follow the flow-through passage to keep social distance
• The wearing of mask and gloves is mandatory for our staff associates
• The wearing of gloves is mandatory for guests to use the buffet menu. Our waiting staff will be glad to assist you.
• Waiting staff will assist you during your meals.
• Reservations required to all A la Carte restaurants
• All restaurant & bar areas are redesigned to allow distancing 1,5-meter space between tables


• Access in these areas including stores is forbidden to anybody not directly involved in this service
• All products/packaging is disinfected before entering the production area
• Kitchen attire including head covering, gloves, masks, aprons, and uniforms are washed daily at a min. temperature of 60 degrees C.
• A safe distance between each chef is kept during all phases of production.
• Clean and soiled items are kept clearly separately in the dishwashing area.
• Strict HACCP conditions are in place


• Counter service only
• There is only one way to be served at the bar. Please follow the flow-through passage and keep safe social distance.


• Gym should be used by a low capacity & upon appointment
• Disinfection of all Gym equipment between each use
• All Hygiene procedures are implemented for keeping your presence at the pools and beach safe.
• The Pools’ PH is checked every 4 hours. Results are recorded.
• Pools – 1 bather for every 5 sq. m. of water
• Indoor pool will remain closed due to COVID spread avoidance
• 2 persons per sun-umbrella. More if members of a family.
• Loungers will be disinfected after every use.
• Distance between guests under different sun-umbrellas will be min. 2m at the pools, 2m at the beach.
• Recommended at swimming pools, the guests to be showered before entering and after exiting the water.

• Massage therapies are operating by appointment only

Common Areas

• The 1.5-meter safety distance applies for guests in all common areas and gardens
• Multiple sanitization stations are available for guests and employees.
• Rigorous cleaning schedule of all public areas, resort outlets and shops with frequent disinfection of all high contact surfaces.
• Mini Market operates in compliance with the new procedures.

Transfers to the Hotel

• Customer transport is allowed via organized transfers only.
• Transfers to be arranged with partners who comply strictly with hygiene procedures
• Limited number of passengers per vehicle, in accordance with guidelines.
• All contact surfaces including seats, door handles etc. are disinfected between each transfer.
• The driver and passengers should wear masks.


Live performances will take place exclusively at outdoor venues.

Leisure & Facilities | Activities & Sports

Sports activities with body contact (basketball, Football, Volleyball, etc.) will not be available (as all guests should maintain the distance of at least 1,5 meters)
Activities offered maintaining social distancing of at least 1,5 meters and maximum participation number

Please note that all the measures are subject to change.
We will be regularly updating this info as necessary, however measures not listed here may be implemented if this is deemed necessary.